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M.D&S designs and produces high-security hydraulic road blocker systems for customers who needs high-level of security needs. System can be deployed in areas with vehicle entry control points( military bases, refineries, government buildings and etc.)

Road blocker system is an unique choice for safety, performance, and reliability. Products can be produced in different sizes and types according to customer requirement.

The System includes the following components:

  • High quality material barrier segment; It’s the physical component of the road blocker that rises from ground to provide physical barrier. Product is made of high-strength steel and can withstand a significant amount of impact.
  • Hydraulic Unit; It’s the main component for a road blocker system. It includes hydraulic tank, pump, oil and a set of valve controllers.
  • PLC Controller: It’s used to control the system. PLC system has its own software which can be configured according to customer specific requirements.
  • LED Traffic Lights: LED traffic lights warm operator and drivers to stop or to go.
  • Safety Equipment; Systems are equipped with various safety equipment like pressure switches, emergency stop buttons, infrared and loop sensors.


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