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License Plate Recognition Camera

License Plate Recognition System is the process of detecting and separating the license plate area on the vehicle image obtained from the cameras and reading the characters on the plate with optical character recognition (Image Processing) methods.

It has different applications depending on the project and is a system created by combining application-specific algorithms and hardware structure.

License Plate Recognition Software Algorithms

• Detecting and separating the license plate location from the camera image

• Repositioning and sizing of the plate in accordance with subsequent algorithms

• Normalization of image properties such as brightness and contrast

• Removing characters from the image with character separation

• Optical character recognition

Why License Plate Recognition?

• Being able to access and analyze stolen or violation information of vehicles passing through highways, bridges and toll booths.

• To relieve manpower at the entrances and exits of parking lots, sites, gates and similar controlled crossing points, and to ensure easy, fast and safe entry and exit.

• Automatically access plate information at weighbridges, vehicle inspection stations and similar places

License Plate Recognition System Application Areas

• Entry & Exit Points of cities on the highway • Places Where Controlled Vehicle Passage is Required

• Bridges and Tollbooths • Border Gates • Highway Checkpoints • Parking Lots • Sites •

• Warehouses and Warehouses • Universities • Hospitals • Hotels • Weighbridges • Airports • Schools

• Bus Terminals and Terminals • Factories and Industrial Facilities • Shopping Centers

Benefits of License Plate Recognition System

For Controlled Passage Points:

• Reduces entry – exit / waiting times

• Prevents traffic congestion

• Provides security at entrances and exits

• Entry cards, vehicle tags, remote control, etc. Eliminates the need to use

• No operating costs

• Can be integrated with barriers and similar access control systems when necessary

• Automatic barrier is activated for vehicles that are registered or authorized to pass.

• If desired, an audible and visual alarm is generated for unregistered vehicles and vehicles with restricted access rights.

• Parking lot control, density measurements

• Preventing operator intervention

Main Features of License Plate Recognition System

• 98% recognition rate

• Identification time between 5 – 7 milliseconds

• Vehicle Speed Detection Feature

• Optional vehicle Brand and Color recognition feature

• Ability to work in different light conditions day and night

• Automatically record vehicle license plates (Plate, Date, Time and Route)

• Querying the registered license plates and reporting them with pictures

• User authorization and remote management

• Automatic barrier triggering and control

• Ensuring automatic passage of authorized (subscribed) vehicles and counting vehicles

• Obtaining information about the use of parking areas for cars

• Integration with all kinds of databases

• Easy installation and easy-to-use interface

• Sending and receiving information to all automations


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